Program(Half Day – October 11, 2021) – Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

8:00-09:50 Session 1: Graph Signal Processing/ Graph Neural Networks (Chair: Ass. Prof. Yuichi Tanaka)

8:00-8:05 Opening (5 min)

8:05-8:35 Invited Talk “Graph Signal Processing for Machine Learning: A Review and New Perspectives on Imaging”, Dr. Dorina Thanou, EPFL, Switzerland. (30 min)

8:35-9:05 Invited Talk “Graph Neural Networks and Their Applications to Point Cloud Processing”, Prof. Enrico Magli, Politecnico di Torino, Italy. (30 min)

9:05-9:35 Papers Presentation (10 min each)

Unsupervised Learning of Geometric Sampling Invariant Representations for 3D Point Clouds – Haolan Chen (Peking University), W. Hu (Peking University), S. Luo (Peking University), X. Gao (Peking University)

Zero-Shot Learning via Contrastive Learning on Dual Knowledge Graphs – Jin Wang (Anhui University), B. Jiang (Anhui University)

Parameterized Pseudo-Differential Operators for Graph Convolutional Neural Networks – Kevin Potter (SNL), S. Sleder (SNL), M. Smith (SNL), S. Perera (SNL), A. Yilmaz (Ohio State University), J. Tencer (SNL)

9:35-09:45 Questions and discusssions. (10 min)

11:00-12:30 Session 2:  Applications to Image and Video Processing (Chair: Ass. Prof. Gene Cheung)

11:00-11:30  Invited Talk “Graph signal processing: Theory and Algorithms”, Prof. Antonio Ortega, USC Viterbi, USA. (30 min)

11:30-12:00 Open Discussion

12:00-12:30 Papers Presentation (10 min each)

Skeleton Graph Scattering Networks for 3D Skeleton-based Human Motion Prediction –  Maosen Li (CMIC, SJT University), S. Chen (SJT University), Z. Liu (SJT University), L. Xie (Huawei Inc), Q. Tian (Huawei Cloud & AI), Y. Zhang (CMIC, SJT University)

Border-SegGCN: Improving Semantic Segmentation by Refining the Border Outline using Graph Convolutional Network – Naina Dhingra (ETH Zurich), G. Chogovadze (ETH Zurich ), A. Kunz (ETH Zurich)

Moving Object Detection for Event-based Vision using Graph Spectral Clustering –  Anindya Mondal (Jadavpur University), Shashant R (Jadavpur University), J. Giraldo (Univ. La Rochelle), T. Bouwmans (Univ. La Rochelle), A. Chowdhury (Jadavpur University)

12:30-12:40 Questions and discusssions. (10 min)